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Saturday, May 14th, 2011

Time:12:46 am

4 will sleep tonight

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

Time:12:03 am
Happy New Year! :D

And happy birthday to sylpheel! :D
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Monday, November 1st, 2010

Time:12:04 am
Getting ready to start NaNo. :D
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Monday, September 6th, 2010

Time:5:30 pm
Happy birthday to default_purple and littlesabby! :D
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Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Time:12:52 pm
Happy birthday to shaolin! :)
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Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Time:12:29 am
Happy birthday outofstyle! :D
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Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Time:12:01 am
Happy birthday to firearchangels :)
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Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Time:12:01 am
Happy birthday to le_anomaly <3
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Friday, November 13th, 2009

Time:10:55 pm
I have a really long post to make but I feel like shit so:

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Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Time:12:18 am
Happy birthday to onetruebelmont :)
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Friday, November 6th, 2009

Time:10:23 pm
Happy birthday to theotherbaldwin :)
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Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Time:12:01 am
Happy birthday to yunachan :)
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Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Time:8:24 pm
What the eff :( It's snowing.

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Sunday, October 4th, 2009

Time:4:57 pm
At Caitlin's house. \o/ It's awesome. :D
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Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Time:12:43 am
Happy birthday to annanda :D
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Monday, August 17th, 2009

Time:8:24 pm
Happy birthday aoshi <3
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Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Time:12:01 am
Don't think you check LJ anymore but... happy birthday to malarchy :)
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Sunday, June 7th, 2009

Time:7:01 pm
Mood: happy
Sims 3 installing patching now :DDDDDD

SO EXCITED. I hope it actually runs omg. Yay!
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Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Time:1:46 am
Happy birthday to outofstyle! :)

This was a pretty awesome vacation. Pretty much done packing now, just going to clean the desk up and go to bed. :D Will write more when I get home probably.
will sleep tonight

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

Time:12:32 am
Sadie just pulled my sweater off my lap and tugged it around on the floor and made it into a bed, then stared at it for a while and decided she liked her real bed better. XD
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Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

Subject:Production fail.
Time:11:43 pm
Mood: okay
I didn't really do anything productive today. XD I fail. But it was a nice day off. \o/
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Friday, May 1st, 2009

Subject:Trying to get back into the habit of posting more regularly again...
Time:11:34 pm
Mood: content
Today was okay~ did some Children's Week stuff on my priest this morning and then went to work. Work kind of dragged XD; but when it was done I got a soda and a pizza on the way home and played a little more WoW when I got back. Got Kay Mr. Wiggles. XD

Making my pizza now and watching tru tv. xD But Forensic Files isn't on for some reason... I think maybe it comess out at 10, though?

Annnd it did. >_> XD

I have the next two days off. :D So happy~

Yesterday I got my mom her Mother's Day present (I tried to make it a surprise, but my dad didn't pick up the phone to get it before she got out of work). I got her a hydrangea and gave it to Kendra for the week for safekeeping since I figured I'd end up killing it, haha. :x Also stopped at the bank and deposited my check from this week and my check from puppysitting this past weekend, so I was all set for my loan today. Once I get my paycheck this coming Thursday, I can deposit some money to take care of the loan payment coming out the week after that.

My hours next week aren't too bad~ three days off again, whee, and I don't have to work on Saturday because someone else offered to cover it instead.

will sleep tonight

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

Time:12:20 am
Mood: tired
Happy birthday to amerynn! :D
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Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Time:1:49 am
Happy birthday to atrophyannie (a little bit late D: oops!) and icklehoot. :D
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LiveJournal for Erinin.

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Hihi~ This is my sixteenth layout for this journal, featuring Scheric Troy, Ashe Lefouer, and Inari Ishikawa from my and Steph's webcomic, Atrophy, and the song "Donna and Blitzen" by the band Badly Drawn Boy, off the Maybe This Christmas Too CD. The HTML was done by Nicocole, who is awesome (thank you so much!) and edited by Steph to work with this layout. It was designed for an 1024x768 resolution, and I have nooooo idea how it looks in anything else o_o.

There isn't that much to say about me. I like anime/manga, videogames (RPGs especially), music, and writing & reading fantasy. I also play World of Warcraft. I play on the server Bronzebeard and have a level 80 Night Elf warrior and a level 80 Night Elf priest in the guild Daughters of the Alliance and a level 80 Blood Elf paladin in Daughters of the Horde on the same server.

The majority of my posts are friends-only, so what you see on my recent entries page is not a good example of what I actually write on my journal. Some of my entries can be really long, and I know a lot of people don't like that, so keep that in mind. You can look at entries from a couple of years ago if you'd like to get an idea of how long my posts can be, though I am a pretty different person now. ;)

name: Erin
age: 26
d.o.b.: June 30th, 1984
location: Massachusetts
creative journal: Anatra
cd list: here
anime list: here
manga list: here

anime: Candidate for Goddess, D.N. Angel (5/26)
manga/manwha: Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden, Nana, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Scryed, Vampire Game (7/15)
books: Sebastian by Anne Bishop
tv shows: Criminal Minds, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, CSI: Las Vegas, Forensic Files, House
song: "Love Story" by Taylor Swift
band: Hawthorne Heights
album: Alkaline Trio's Crimson
games: Dragon Age: Origins, Final Fantasy XIII, Suikoden V, World of Warcraft

anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion and Yami no Matsuei
manga: Bokura no Oukoku ("Our Kingdom"), Yami no Matsuei, Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight, Demon Diary, and Tokyo Babylon
authors: Melanie Rawn, Mercedes Lackey, Lynn Flewelling, James Clemens, Michael A. Stackpole, Alanna Morland, Robin Hobb, David Eddings, Anne Bishop, Francesca Lia Block, and J.K. Rowling
tv shows: Angel, CSI: Miami, Nip/Tuck, Rescue Me, and Tru Calling
movies: Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Kill Bill, Legally Blonde, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Memento, Resident Evil, The Sixth Sense, SLC Punk, Tomb Raider
bands: Alkaline Trio, Before i go, Something Corporate, Sugarcult, From Autumn to Ashes, Taking Back Sunday, Thursday, X-Japan, and Finch
games: Breath of Fire II, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy Tactics, Galerians, Galerians: ASH, Shadow Hearts, Suikoden, Suikoden II, Suikoden III, Tales of Destiny, Valkyrie Profile, Warcraft II, and Xenogears
characters: Alin and Val (Exiles: The Ruins of Ambrai; Melanie Rawn; book), Asuka Langely Sohryu (Evangelion; anime), Hisoka Kurosaki (Yami no Matsuei; manga), Luc (Suikoden; videogame series)

last finished:
anime: Kareshi Kanoujo no Jijou (12.20.04)
manga: Princess Ai
book: The Shining by Stephen King (01.17.11)
movie: The Shining
game: Suikoden Tierkreis (05.13.10)
tv show: Angel (05.19.04)
event: Moosin: The God of Martial Arts

"God's not too interested in me. He's too busy watching the sparrows fall." - The Girl on the Rooftop, The Losers by David Eddings)
"Give your enemy a face. If he is human, do not dehumanize him. Know him and know why he is your enemy. If your enemy is within you, understand what it is and why you are afraid. Put a face on your fear. When you understand it, and it is no longer vague and shapeless, you will find that your fear is no longer so formidable." - Master Odo, Brightly Burning by Mercedes Lackey
"You always have a choice. Don't ever imagine you don't. Whatever you do, it's a decision and you have to accept responsibility for it. That's when honor becomes more than empty words." - Seregil, Stalking Darkness by Lynn Flewelling
"Does it alarm you that we have no fear? The things that should scare us we've been watching for years." - "Pieces" by Virgos Merlot
"You howl and listen, and wait for the echoes of angels who won't return." - "Everything You Want" by Vertical Horizon

"Some people buy crack. I buy CDs. :D" - Me to Cait over AIM
"My sketchbook is the size of a small child." - Me about my huge sketchbook for Drawing I
"But it's probably a good thing Kalahndan DID give him the choker, because otherwise Alyx would just draw them further off course and then they'd find a rotting body." - Me about story-chan to Steph on the phone XD;
"They run into a corner and they're like, 'Eeee, don't kill me!' ...and then you do." - Me on Galerians to Steph
"This elevator smells tasty." - Cait on the elevator at the outlet mall in Lee XD;
"Man Futch is like, 'I'm gonna smack you up, BIOTCH!" - Cait on S3's grownup Futch XD
"My Windows 2000 is all like "Caitlin, why oh why are you not using me?" and I'm like "'cause Linux has a screensaver of bouncing cows. Do YOU have a bouncing cow screensaver?" - Cait on Linux XD
"That was printitty." - Matt trying (and failing XD) to say 'pretty'
"What did they put in my pocky?!?" - Molly
"Can I have a COMMUNITY COOKIE?" - Chris
"He's all, 'My shirt is too small :D' and if that doesn't make a bishie, I don't know what does." - Steph
"I want to be a gay farmer. T_T" - Steph
Sam Aoshi: Sanzo is all like "I'll fuck you up bitch~ with my kitty BLASTER~!"

"It's the greatest game in the world." / "What? You're playing Hatris, too?" - Jared and Alex

Chris: your hair
Chris: has found jesus :D!

Steph (about Sora flying in KH): Why can you fly??
Randy: I dunno... because he believes?

important events:
Jun. 1: Mom's birthday
Jun. 6th: Dad's birthday
Jun. 13: Chris & Allison's birthday
Jun. 17: Mike's birthday
Jun. 29: Melinda's birthday
Jun. 30: My and Caitlin's birthday :D

This layout was drawn and made by Steph, who I thank very very very very very very much T____T *flails* The images are from our webcomic, Atrophy. The lyrics Steph borrowed from for the image are displayed in full below.

My friends page layout is just old. And the images have been broken forever. But it's supposed to be of Before I Go, whom you should listen to because they're awesome. They released a new EP on the 20th of February (2004), so go listen to it, dammit. :O

friends, penpals, and nifty people? XD;:
Chris #2
Other!Jenny XD;
Morgan Nicocole
+ creative journal
+ creative journal


Pay for the light
But you may still slide
Baby it's not your sleigh ride
But this year is ours
Maybe tommorow
We're gonna see
Things we'd never believe
I'll make you want me you'll see
The initial warning is free
But only two reindeer
Oh what a sight as they take their first flight
Oh darling it's all in time
And I will, I will, I will...
I will.....wait their return
Or make to the sky
Oh what a sight beautiful
And I will
I will, I will, I will...
I will sleep tonight
I will sleep tonight